Tax Lawyers – Different Areas of Practice

Tax Lawyers are attorneys that handle a variety of audits, appeals, collections, wage garnishments, tax liens and tax reliefs. They are highly specialized legal professionals who assist taxpayers in preparing and returning federal and state income tax returns, check There are several subtypes of tax law practices including taxation law, tax litigation, and tax fraud. Tax lawyers work either as an individual partner, independently practicing law, or as an assistant to an attorney.

Tax lawyers pursue a variety of cases including wage garnishment, divorce, bankruptcy, death, property taxes, insurance, inheritance, tax liens, estate taxes, payroll taxes, criminal tax evasion and other civil tax charges. They also represent individuals and organizations on tax planning and administrative issues. They can help taxpayers obtain refund remittances, settle tax debts, reduce their tax liabilities, and reduce tax penalties. In many instances, tax lawyers represent businesses and organizations in tax disputes with the IRS. Contact New York Citys Best Tax Attorney. They provide legal advice to businesses and individuals on issues such as payroll taxes, business tax burdens, franchise tax claims, and tax debt resolution.

The primary goal of tax lawyers is to protect their clients’ rights. If a client fails to file his/her returns, the tax lawyer would be there to advise the client and advise the tax authority on the correct filing status. In cases where a client’s return is filed incorrectly, he/she may request an adjustment to the tax returns or pursue collection of back taxes. As part of the audit process, tax lawyers review the client’s return, interview the client, collect information, perform examinations, make recommendations, cross-examine the client, defend the client, and file pleadings in court if necessary. The tax lawyer would also represent the client before auditors and Congress representatives. The objective of the audit is to ensure that the client paid all taxes due.

Many audits deal with back taxes due to a person not paying Social Security or Medicare taxes. In these cases, the client may refuse to pay the taxes. In such a case, the audit process becomes a legal one as the client has a right to defend against his/her tax claims. Tax lawyers can represent the client in his/her appeal process or negotiate the best settlement amount from the government.

Audits can be either federal or state. Many states have enacted statutes that impose severe penalties for failure to file federal income taxes. Federal audits deal with the highest level of tax crimes. Federal income tax audits can include demands for repayment, interest and penalties, and liens against a person’s assets. The IRS may also audit a business, personally identifiable information, or even assets of the business. As such most tax lawyers will deal with both federal and state audits.

Another specialized area is that of a criminal investigation. Criminal investigations deal with crimes that do not involve the IRS, but rather involve offenses against the person or the business of the client. For example, a person could be charged with tax evasion for failing to report income earned overseas. A criminal investigation could also involve tax fraud for concealing ownership of stock or other property. Both state and federal taxes involve criminal investigations, which are overseen by tax lawyers in the respective states. Read more at

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